GSCNC Association 37 – Frederick, Maryland
GSCNCAssociation 37 – Frederick, Maryland

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Association Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

7:00 PM

Thomas Johnson High School Auditorium


We will be honoring all Girl Scouts in Frederick County who have earned their:

Bronze Award    Silver Award    Silver Trefoil    Gold Award

(Earned between May 24, 2014 thru May 1, 2015)


We will also be recognizing Frederick County:

**Top Cookie Sellers    ** Top Fall Product Sellers

Graduating Ambassadors


Frederick County

June 5, 2014 Association 37 held it's annaul awards meeting.  At this meeting Girl Scouts of Frederick County recognized the 2013-2014 award recipients.  In addition to the girls selling over 500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and the top tier sellers for Fall product. also recognized were the:


90 - Bronze Award Recipients

(GSUSA Highest Award for Juniors 4-5 graders)


44 - Silver Award Recipients

(GSUSAHighest Award for Cadettes 6-8 graders)


13 - Silver Trefoil Recipients

(Highest Award for girls awarded by GSCNC - Service Based Award  9-12 grades)


4 - Gold Award Recipients

(GSUSA Highest Award for girls 9-12 grades)


Also recognized were the 25 - Ambassadors Bridging to Adult



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